Portrait of a White Marriage

As Bill Lowman

1988 | Comedy | 101 min | NR
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General Information

Poster for Portrait of a White Marriage
  • Directed by

    Harry Shearer

  • Screenplay by

    Martin Mull and Allen Rucker

  • Theatrical Release Date

    unknown (made for cable TV)

  • VHS Release Date

    February 23, 1989

  • Distribution Company

    MCA Home Video

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams

    Bill Lowman

  • Martin Mull

    Talk show host

  • Mary Kay Place

    Joyce Harrison

  • Fred Willard

    Hal Harrison

  • Michael McKean

    Reverend Prufrock

  • Jack Riley



A big-time talk show host (Martin Mull) moves to the small town of Hawkins Falls, Ohio in an attempt to rejuvenate his flagging career. As the townfolk try to take advantage of the celebrity in their midst, he strikes up an affair with Joyce Harrison (Mary Kay Place), a married woman who is a long-time resident of the town. Chaos predictably ensues.



A Hilarious Look at Life, Love and the Pursuit of Sanity


This title is out of print, but was previously available on VHS. It may be available online or in secondhand stores.

Fun Fact

Robin's role, as an air conditioning salesman, is uncredited.

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