General Information

Poster for Mork & Mindy
  • Directed by

    Frank Buxton

  • Written by

    Deborah Raznick & John B. Collins

  • Original Air Date

    November 19, 1981

  • Production Companies

    Henderson Production Company, Miller-Milkis Productions, Paramount Television

  • Distribution Company

    ABC (television), Paramount Home Video (DVD)


  • Robin Williams


  • Pam Dawber


  • Jonathan Winters


  • Elizabeth Kerr

    Cora Hudson

  • Paul Reubens

    Dickie Nimitz

  • Crissy Wilzak

    Glenda Faye Comstock

  • Marilyn Kagen

    Althea Bliley

  • Robin Strand

    Steve Sanders

  • Laura Carlson

    Delivery Person

  • Conrad Janis

    Fred McConnell


While Cora babysits with Mearth, Mork takes Mindy to the reunion where she dances with handsome Steve Sanders, now Lt. Governor of Wyoming - and still single. The next morning Mearth looks on as his parents squabble. After attempting to assure Mork that the only reason there used to be a Steve in their life was because she hadn't met her Orkan yet, Mindy leaves for work. Mork decides to take action after flowers from Steve are delivered for Mindy. He slips into a magic pair of ruby penny loafers, clicks his heels and chants. Presto! Jealous Mork uses outrageous Orkan magic to travel back in time to Mindy's senior prom, on a mission to discover whether Mindy would have loved him instead of her high school sweetheart. He is now another kind of alien, a foreign exchange student meeting Mindy for the first time at her senior prom.


  • Dickie

    Aren't you even jealous? How can you just sit here and watch your marriage dissolve?

  • Mork

    Oh, pshaw! I mean, I trust Mindy further than I can throw her. I mean, I don't have a jealous bone in my body... [Steve kisses Mindy on the forehead] But I'm willing to rent one.

  • Mindy

    You're upsetting yourself over something I told you was over with ten years ago! I really think I deserve a little more of your trust than that!

  • Mork

    Well, I guess I have been kind of foolish. Yeah, come to think of it, I don't even know... w-w-what's his name.

  • Mindy


  • Mork

    Steeevie! So it's Ste-VIE now! Oh, the pain, the anguish! The solitude! Now I know how the other two Supremes felt!

  • Delivery Person

    Flowers for Mindy McConnell.

  • Mork

    Oh, thank you very much, and here's your tip: never eat Mexican food and stand next to a flame.


Filming Info

  • Locations

    Los Angeles, CA
    Boulder, CO


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