General Information

Poster for Mork & Mindy
  • Directed by

    Frank Buxton

  • Written by

    Dale McRaven & Bruce Johnson

  • Original Air Date

    November 12, 1981

  • Production Companies

    Henderson Production Company, Miller-Milkis Productions, Paramount Television

  • Distribution Company

    ABC (television), Paramount Home Video (DVD)


  • Robin Williams


  • Pam Dawber


  • Jonathan Winters


  • Hugh Gillin


  • Stan Kamel


  • Lee Weaver



Mork feels like a total failure as a parent when Mearth becomes confused because his hero, Superman, has two jobs and Mindy works while his dad stays home. Mindy, who is leaving for an assignment in Aspen, tries to reassure Mork that all kids go through periods of hero worship. While Mindy is away, Mearth finds Mork's spacesuit and wants to know if Mork is secretly a superhero. Although the parents have agreed not to tell Mearth about Mork's alien origins until he is younger, it strikes Mork as a perfect job. He slips into his "crime fighter" suit and takes Mearth to a seedy bar to look for bad guys. When an armed one of them terrifies Mearth, Mork goes berserk with awesome results.


  • Mindy

    So you liked your first movie, huh, Mearth?

  • Mearth

    Oh, I really did enjoy the movie. You know something, I've been thinking, Mom. Now as I understand it, Superman has two jobs.

  • Mork

    That's correct.

  • Mearth

    OK, and Mommy has one job.

  • Mork


  • Mearth

    And Daddy watches General Hospital.

  • Mork

    Well, no comment.

  • Mindy

    Oh, now, Mearth, your daddy has a job. He watches you.

  • Mearth

    Not during General Hospital.

  • Mindy

    Mork! I think his voice is changing.

  • Mork

    Mearth, do you have a frog in your throat?

  • Mearth

    No, I have John Wayne in my throat and I have a frog in my pocket.


Filming Info

  • Locations

    Los Angeles, CA
    Boulder, CO


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