General Information

Poster for Mork & Mindy
  • Directed by

    Bob Claver

  • Written by

    Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz

  • Original Air Date

    October 15, 1981

  • Production Companies

    Henderson Production Company, Miller-Milkis Productions, Paramount Television

  • Distribution Company

    ABC (television), Paramount Home Video (DVD)


  • Robin Williams


  • Pam Dawber


  • Ralph James


  • Elizabeth Kerr

    Cora Hudson

  • Conrad Janis

    Fred McConnell

  • Shelley Fabares

    Cathy McConnell

  • Nat Bernstein


  • James Staley


  • Robert Donner


  • Stephanie Dizon

    Flower Girl


Mindy stands up bravely to her father, Frederick, who bitterly opposes having Mork for a son-in-law, and succeeds in winning his approval. She expects Mork to be equally courageous in obtaining the blessing of terrible-tempered Orson on Ork, whre marriage has been outlawed for two million "bleams". Mork withers into cowardice under Orson's threat to alter his molecular structure into a more obedient form of life if he persists in marrying Mindy. While Mork is assuring Mindy that he has browbeat Orson into approving matrimony, Mork begins to turn into an English sheepdog in their apartment. Meanwhile, at the chapel, Mindy's grandmother, Cora, does her best to entertain at the organ, while the best man, Exidor, clad in a formal straitjacket, raves on. Frederick paces, and his wife, Cathy, the matron of honor who does not know about Mork's Orkan origins, tries to remain calm as guests fidget and Mork and Mindy attempt to win Orson's approval.


  • Mindy

    Why don't you sit down and I'll fix you a nice breakfast... eggs, danish...

  • Mork


  • Fred

    I'll have a danish... a son-in-law!?

  • Mindy

    Yeah... not exactly the way I'd planned to break it to you. But, uh, yeah, Mork and I have decided to get married.

  • Fred

    Over my dead body!

  • Mork

    That'll trip us, Pop, but it won't stop us.

  • Mork

    [yelps] Ah!

  • Mindy

    Oh, Mork! Did I startle you?

  • Mork

    Well, not as much as if you'd been Ethel Merman, but...

  • Mindy

    Well, what happened?! You told Orson, right? You, you confronted him and told him that we were going to be married.

  • Mork


  • Mindy

    And he backed down, right? Because you're strong and brave with the courage of your convictions!

  • Mork


  • Mindy

    And no force exists that can prevent us from being married, right, Mork?

  • Mork

    Well, those were my words exactly, Mind. Um, you know I told him, I, um... ha! I really let him have it! I leveled him!

  • Mindy

    You did?

  • Mork

    I made him feel lower than the price of pork in Tel Aviv!


Filming Info

  • Locations

    Los Angeles, CA
    Boulder, CO


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