General Information

Poster for Mork & Mindy
  • Directed by

    Joel Zwick

  • Written by

    April Kelly

  • Original Air Date

    November 2, 1978

  • Production Companies

    Henderson Production Company, Miller-Milkis Productions, Paramount Television

  • Distribution Company

    ABC (television), Paramount Home Video (DVD)


  • Robin Williams


  • Pam Dawber


  • Elizabeth Kerr

    Cora Hudson

  • Conrad Janis

    Fred McConnell

  • Ralph James


  • Jeffrey Jacquet


  • Logan Ramsey

    Arnold Wanker

  • Fay deWitt

    Annie Wanker

  • Jeremy West

    Funeral Home Attendant

  • Stu Silver



Mork believes that humans are honest because Mindy lectured him on "splinking", his Orkan word for lying. Then Arnold Wanker, who is trying to oust Mindy's family from the music store property, dies while he is in a rage at the store. His widow, Annie, and everyone else--including Mindy--begin to chorus what a wonderful man Wanker was. Unfamiliar with Earthlings' little white lies, Mork, hearing the loving tributes being paid to the deceased landlord who was the meanest man in town, decides to jump-start him back to life. Out of compassion for his grieving friends, Mork employs his Orkan power to revive the deceased.


  • Mork

    Do you mind if I go to the store with you today? I am observing the leader of the dogs.

  • Mindy

    What leader of the dogs?

  • Mork

    The red leader in front of the store, the short one with the four bumps that hangs around the curb.

  • Mindy

    Oh, that's a fire hydrant. That's not the leader of the dogs.

  • Mork

    Then why do they all salute him?

  • Mork

    See you at lunch, Mindy.

  • Mindy

    Bye! Are you going to be all right?

  • Mork

    Yes, my project for the day is to go to the park and observe how the pigeons train the old people to feed them.



Filming Info

  • Locations

    Los Angeles, CA
    Boulder, CO


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