General Information

Poster for Mork & Mindy
  • Directed by

    Joel Zwick

  • Written by

    April Kelly

  • Original Air Date

    September 28, 1978

  • Production Companies

    Henderson Production Company, Miller-Milkis Productions, Paramount Television

  • Distribution Company

    ABC (television), Paramount Home Video (DVD)


  • Robin Williams


  • Pam Dawber


  • Elizabeth Kerr

    Cora Hudson

  • Conrad Janis

    Fred McConnell

  • Ralph James


  • Jeffrey Jacquet


  • Robert Donner


  • James David Hinton



Mindy is hurt when her date Brad misconstrues Mork's living in her apartment and walks out--like her other boyfriends. Later she finds a farewell note from Mork, who believes his presence is making Mindy unhappy. Meanwhile, Mork follows young Eugene's advice to find a flop-house because of his meager funds. By mistake he wanders into the Friends of Venus headquarters.


  • Eugene

    Are you running away?

  • Mork

    How can you tell?

  • Eugene

    It's written all over your face.

  • Mork

    Shazbot! I've broken out in words!

  • Exidor

    Do you know any of the Friends of Venus?

  • Mork

    I know some people from Venus. I know one guy that's kinda cute, if you're into short and fuzzy.

  • Exidor

    Good start. But we need more power in your voice and more conviction!

  • Mork

    Oh, I see... [full-on televangelist mode] FRIEEEEEEEEND! I have need of your attention. Frieeeeend! Do you realize that the Venusians are coming down to earth? But they are NOT coming here on Veterans' Day, NOT on April Fool-us Day, but on Labor Day baby! BAAAAABY! Can you hear me frieeeend?

  • Exidor

    I hear ya!

  • Mork

    Are you ready now, can I get a nanu nanu?

  • Exidor

    Nanu nanu!

  • Mork

    Thank you, frieeeeend! D'you realize, friend, what they are coming here to do? Because they've come down here to BLOOOOW the earth to smithereens! But it's not that bad, friend, because they're sending a ship down here to save 1,000 of us! And they're making a list and they're checking it twice. Now, frieeeeeend, now you could either stay DOOOOWN here in your disco drug-infested inferno! Or come UUUUP! to Venus! And have your very own Venuuuusian condominimum with hot and cold runnin' champagne and underwater dancing. You must apply NOW!

  • Exidor

    Mork! Mork, that was beautiful! [Exidor turns to one of his invisible friends] Why can't you be more like him?



Filming Info

  • Locations

    Los Angeles, CA
    Boulder, CO


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