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General Information

Poster for To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar
  • Directed by

    Beedan Kidron

  • Screenplay by

    Douglas Carter Beane

  • Music Composed by

    Rachel Portman

  • Theatrical Release Date

    September 8, 1995

  • DVD Release Date

    January 7, 2003

  • Production Companies

    Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment

  • Distribution Company

    Universal Pictures

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams

    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

  • Patrick Swayze

    Miss Vida Boheme

  • Wesley Snipes

    Miss Noxeema Jackson

  • John Leguizamo

    Chi Chi Rodriguez

  • Alice Drummond


  • Chris Penn

    Sheriff Dollard


After Miss Vida Boheme and Miss Noxeema Jackson win a major New York drag contest and a trip to Hollywood, they are persuaded to take the inexperienced 'drag princess' Chi Chi Rodriguez with them. They hire a beat-up old Cadillac and set off for L.A., but their car breaks down in a small town in the middle of nowhere. With just their wits and an endless supply of garish costumes, they transform the town and everyone who lives there--at least until homophobic cop Sheriff Dollard catches up with them...



  • Vida Boheme

    Noxie, you remember John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt?

  • Noxeema Jackson

    Of course, his name is my name too.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    Do people always shout? Oh, I hate that.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    Oh, my God, I'm like a compass near north.



Attitude is everything.


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Filming Info

  • Dates

    July 11, 1994 - October 28, 1994

  • Locations

    Jersey City, NJ
    Montclair, NJ
    Lincoln, NE
    Loma, NE
    Omaha, NE
    New York City, NY

International Release Dates

  • UK

    November 10, 1995

  • Argentina

    December 21, 1995

  • Germany

    January 11, 1996

  • Spain

    January 31, 1996

  • Australia

    February 8, 1996

  • South Korea

    June 8, 1996

  • Denmark

    June 14, 1996

  • Netherlands

    June 18, 1996 (video premiere)

  • France

    December 4, 1996

  • Portugal

    January 1997 (video premiere)

  • Finland

    May 9, 1997

International Titles

  • Argentina

    ¿Reinas o reyes?

  • Canada

    À Wong Foo, merci pour tout Julie Newmar (French title)

  • Spain

    A Wong Foo, gracias por todo, Julie Newmar

  • Italy

    A Wong Foo, grazie di tutto! Julie Newmar

  • France


  • Sweden

    High Heels

  • Slovenia

    Hvala za vse

  • Portugal

    Os três Mosqueteiros do Amor

  • Brazil

    Para Wong Foo, Obrigada Por Tudo! Julie Newmar

  • Mexico

    Reinas o reyes

  • Germany

    To Wong Foo

  • Hungary

    Wong Foo, kösz mindent! Julie Newmar

Box Office

  • Gross

    $36,474,193 (USA)
    $11,300,000 (international)
    $47,774,193 (total)

  • Opening Weekend

    $9,019,180 (1,294 theaters)

  • Widest Release

    1,489 theaters

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