The Robin Williams Fansite was founded on March 27, 2001 with a single page with only a few photos and about 10 visitors/week. After a couple of months the site had grown and it was time to take the next step: a domain name. This didn't happen until October 2002, when we bought our current domain name. We kept growing and building, and these days at least 4500 people visit us every week, with huge peaks when a new movie is released or when Robin receives an award or has a TV show appearance.
The site is being maintained by fans, for fans.

During the time we've been working on the website we've attended 20+ of Robin's live shows all over the US, and in London. Seen him do drama on stage and walk the red carpet with him on a world premiere. Those moments were awesome, but the times we got see talk 1 on 1 are priceless.
We had the honor of doing an interview with Robin in 2008. You can read it here.

RWF Crew

  • Linda - founder, owner, admin, etc.
  • Sooz! - admin, editor
  • Steve - Youtube researcher


We've decided to keep the site up and running and will do so as long as we see fit.


Thank you for your visits, e-mails, support and kind words! Even though it's been a while since he passed, it continues to be a daily struggle. He's deeply missed, but we're forever grateful for all he shared.

Linda & Robin during one of the many times they've met.

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