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Performed on February 20, 2009 | Nokia Theatre

Robin Williams - Grand Prairie, TX

Originally published on February 20, 2009 | | written by Terri Rimmer

After 31 years of waiting to see Robin Williams perform live, I finally got to see him take the stage at the Nokia Theatre tonight in Grand Prairie, TX.

My sister got me tickets for Christmas, which is the only thing I wanted.

Williams came galloping out onstage amidst much fanfare and a standing ovation, the latter of which he should be used to given his sold out performances around the country.

He immediately zeroed in on a guy in a metallic coat in the first row, teasing, "A solar coat! I didn't know Elvis had a garage sale."

As people came in late, he gave them a playfully hard time and commented on one woman's breasts by calling them "real Texas ones." Another woman was embarrassed as she came in late with her male friend and Williams caught the late-comers up by doing a hilarious recap of what they had missed so far, including his usual poking fun at "W" also known as the former President George W. Bush. Speaking of which, Williams didn't leave out Bush's past drug use in his routine and remarked something along the lines of "It was time to quit doing a line on money when you realize 'That's my mom on the dollar bill.'"

As in his 2002 Live on Broadway Tour, Williams made good use of the water bottles at his disposal with regard to sex as he talked about his experiences with Viagra and another drug like it, only this time he talked about his frustration with his aging body in a comical and unforgettable way.

In a genius routine, he imagined the marketing meeting between evolutionist designers as they introduced the male and female bodies to its team. He described the penis as an ugly masterpiece made up of a mushroom cap, turkey skin, garnish, and other odds and ends. The female body was explained in great detail as well as the audience roared with laughter repeatedly.

Politics, sex, divorce, technology, global warming, pets, and the recent presidential election were all part of the night of hilarity punctuated by numerous moments of physical comedy that is one of the trademarks of Williams' talent.

With the election of President Barack Obama, Williams joked: "White guilt is at an all-time low" as millions of rich people make sure that they "slap on a bumper sticker before taking off in the BMW" so as to deter African-American panhandlers.

Having seen the 2002 DVD that Sony produced a few years ago from Williams' tour, which included a stop at Dallas' American Airlines Center, the 2008-2009 routine is just as excellent, completely exhibiting the genius and brilliance that encompasses Williams' performances.

Ironically as Williams detailed his experiences with alcoholism and recovery, the girl next to me passed out drunk and medicated.

She had paid $250 each for tickets for she and her boyfriend and missed half the show.


Williams came back out for an encore to another standing ovation and did another brief routine before disappearing for the night as Tom Petty's "American Girl" blared from the sound system.

It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable night, especially since I've been a fan of Williams since I was 12.

Having watched him in movie theaters and from my couch as he made numerous appearances on talk shows through the years, it was surreal to finally see him live and witness the incredible fire-rapid wit and creativity that is Robin Williams.

Note to fans attending a Williams show: Don't even think about taping his routine or taking pictures on your cell phone while it's going on, particularly if you're sitting close to the stage as I saw him scold several people for this big "no-no" of his.

If you choose to do so, prepare to get publicly embarrassed.

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