Review for Greenville, SC

Performed on October 15, 2008 | Peace Center

Robin Williams raunchy, hilarious at Peace

Originally published on October 16, 2008 | The Greenville News | written by Ann Hicks

Master comedian Robin Williams' latest 26-stop national tour, "Weapons of Self-Destruction," is what this country needs just now. Hard times call for hard laughter as an antidote.

Uncensored, outrageous and most of it unprintable, Williams' sold-out show on Wednesday night was not only high-energy entertainment, but also a hilariously raunchy stand-up routine.

The wall-to-wall Peace Concert Hall crowd loved him and greeted him with a standing ovation as he bounced on stage, wearing a USC Gamecocks cap with the word "Cocks" writ large.

Williams made fun of the Reedy River ("It's a creek") and the economy ("It's on life support"), and drew gales of laughter talking about Sarah Palin. He said she was a "project running mate," and the difference between her and Dick Cheney was "when she shoots you, you stay down."

He loved the presidential debates between Obama and McCain because "they spoke in full sentences," and riffed on President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, the Olympics, China, Tibet, sports, the pope, drugs, sex, addiction and various body parts--his and others'.

Other than it being an unforgettable experience, Williams' Greenville show carries another distinction: It was videotaped live for future broadcasts.

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