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General Information - Original Broadcast

Poster for Live at the Met
  • Directed by

    Bruce Gowers

  • Written by

    Robin Williams

  • Recording Date

    August 9, 1986 (aired on HBO)

  • DVD Release

    August 11, 2010 (Australia & New Zealand / region 4 only - order here)

  • Location

    Metropolitan Opera House, New York City, NY

  • Production Companies

    Mister Happy Productions Inc., HBO

Summary (Original Broadcast)

He's the Pavarotti of Puns, the Domingo of Drollery, the Caruso of Comedy--Robin Williams Live at New York's Metropolitan Opera House. It's comedy at the speed of light, with more LPMs than any comedy special ever. Robin Williams, at his most outrageous in a one-man assault on the funny bone. Strap yourself in for a flight on the "Concorde of Comedy" as you take off for the reaches of the absurd. Take a fantastic ride down with Williams' stream-of-consciousness as he shares his thoughts and impressions on everything from politics to parenthood. Comedy faster than a speeding bullet--Robin Williams Live!

General Information - CD (A Night at the Met)

CD cover for A Night at the Met
  • Directed by

    Brooks Arthur (also directed Reality... What a Concept!)

  • Written by

    Robin Williams

  • Recording Date

    August 9-10, 1986

  • Location

    Metropolitan Opera House, New York City, NY

  • CD Release Date

    July 18, 1995

  • Production Company

    Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.

  • Album dedicated to

    Neil Bogart (also directed Reality... What a Concept!)


You know in England if you commit a crime, the police don't have a gun and you don't have a gun. So if you commit a crime: "Stop! Or, or I'll say stop again!"

The people at the Met are going: "You ain't coming back, I tell you that right now. You ain't coming back after what you did!" But we did it, hahaha!

Then comes a very special time. Your first test as a father. A diaper... you're ready. You may have been a lumberjack... you may have been a Marine... you may have seen blood and guts. But you've never seen caca like this. It's incredible stuff; part toxic waste, part Velcro.

You try and do special things for your kid. I thought, "I'll take him to Disneyland. That'll be fun." Disneyland for a three-year-old... Mickey Mouse for a three year old... bullshit. Mickey Mouse to a three-year-old is a six-foot fucking rat!

Here's a little warning sign if you have a cocaine problem: Number 1, if you come home to your house and there is no furniture and your cat's going "I'm out of here, prick!" WARNING! Number 2, if you have this dream where you're doing cocaine in your sleep, and you can't fall asleep and doing cocaine in your sleep and can't fall asleep AND YOU WAKE UP doing cocaine! Bingo! Number 3, if on your tax forms it says "$50,000 for snacks"... Mayday!

Realistic beer commercial: It's 5am, you just pissed in a dumpster, "It's Miller Time!"


Comedy faster than a speeding bullet.


This title is available on:

  • CD

HBO told us there's no DVD release planned because, as they said, "Not too many people are interested in buying one-man shows." If they only knew...

Track List: CD

01. Opening (1:58)
02. Ballet (1:32)
03. Alcohol (5:28)
04. Marijuana (2:22)
05. Cocaine (4:12)
06. Cops (2:54)
07. Reagan (5:43)
08. Khadafi (1:48)
09. Spring (1:33)
10. Men's Parts (1:36)
11. Lust (3:56)
12. Dr. Roof (4:28)
13. Pregnancy (2:08)
14. Childbirth (4:15)
15. Childhood (6:06)
16. ...And the Future (3:14)


Opera Rap
1.5 Mb (mp3 file - audio only)

Opera Rap lyrics

I'm a rappin' kinda opera kinda thing can't you see
Then I feel it, feel it, sing A-i-da
?? in the Carmen, don't ya die
Say baby, baby, sit and cry
Say aria, aria you're my man
If he can't do it, Wagner can
Say Wagner, Verdi, Puccini too
Come on everybody
Do what you can do
Said Opera Rap, Opera Rap
Lookin' through the glasses
Lookin' through the sight
See the things that you do every night
Say elephants, ? dancin' things
Soldiers walkin' and the people don't sing
They say Opera Rap, Opera Rap
Poppin' and movin' with the ballet crew
Dancin' in tights it'll work for you
Shake on baby and I'm outta here!

The Opera Rap can only be found on the video, not on the CD.


  • Intro music

    Overture from "The Marriage of Figaro" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


  • Grammy Awards

    Won - 1987 - Best Comedy Recording

  • American Comedy Awards

    Won - 1987 - Funniest Television Star in a Special

  • Television Critics Association Awards

    Won - 1987 - Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials

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