New documentary: Robin's Wish

August 7, 2020

Robin’s Wish is an intimate portrait of Robin in his final days, with deeply personal stories from some of those closest to him, including his wife Susan, who bravely came forward on her own to publicly reveal the findings of Robin’s autopsy — that he had been suffering unimaginably from Lewy Body Dementia. Some of Robin’s closest friends and colleagues also speak out for the very first time about what they saw, getting the word out to fans about who Robin really was in light of what happened at the end of his life.

Knowing the truth can make all the difference — Susan and Robin’s story can spread awareness of and raise support around LBD, making it possible to fight misconceptions about Robin’s state of mind and stigmas around mental illness, bringing awareness to a disease that, while all too common, is unknown to most. Robin’s Wish can also aid progress toward earlier diagnosis, so families can have an understanding of what is happening to their loved ones. To fans around the world, the complete story of what really happened to Robin, and his complete legacy — to make people less afraid — has been untold. Until now.

Robin's wish will be available digitally and on demand as of September 1, 2020.
The original score for the documentary has already been released on July 24, 2020

Please find all info on the documentary on our Robin's Wish page.

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