"The Eagle has landed"

September 29, 2016

San Francisco’s Comedy Day has been a free showcase for local comics in Golden Gate Park for 36 years. The one reason it survived for so long: Robin.

The last 20 years Comedy Day takes place at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park. The people behind Comedy Day and Robin's family are working on renaming the Meadow and make it a place to remember Robin. It's a struggle and expensive mission though, so they turned to crowd funding and need your help.

The entire process may run to $100,000, which is steep for an event that operates on a shoestring budget. You can help by texting “robin” to 33923 on your cell phone or go to http://text.gives/robin.

Watch Robin and Rick Overton do some improv at Comedy Day in 2011.

Source and more background information (like, where did the title of this article come from): SF Chronicle.

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