With our deepest regret and great sadness we have to report Robin has passed away.

August 12, 2014

The unexpected passing of Robin Williams has left us speechless. We're truly shocked to hear that the person for whom we have had such great respect chose to leave this world behind. Of course we all know that beneath his incredible career as an actor and comedian was a person with a private life. This fansite has always tried to focus on Robin’s artistic career and respect his privacy, and out of respect for him and his family, we will continue to do so.

The site has become an archive with a tremendous amount of information about Robin’s career, including all his films, his stand-up comedy and TV & theater work. Some of his projects have not yet been released, such as Night at the Museum 3, Boulevard, Merry Friggin' Christmas and Absolutely Anything. There’s no doubt in our minds that Robin will be remembered as a true legend.

We'll continue to promote his yet-to-be-released work and keep the site online, as we've done for more than 13 years, for as long as we see fit.
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