Back online after Sandy took us down

November 5, 2012

As you all probably know the hurricane Sandy caused a lot of damage to the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada.

In Lower Manhattan there were floods and there're still a lot of people and businesses without power. It so happened to be that the servers hosting this website are also located in a datacenter in Lower Manhattan. On monday night disaster struck and we were left without power, causing the website to be unreachable.
Everybody has been working very hard to get power back and since last saturday night a backup generator was started up to provide power (after the water was pumped out of the building).

Long story short: The site is back up after a few days of downtime, but still running on a backup generator. Some downtime may occur when we switch back to normal power or when emergency or more damages occurs.

Due to the downtime we've been unable to notify all RWLive! Updates subscribers about the 2 Throckmorton shows on Nov 4 & 5th. We're very sorry about that.

Of course these problems are nothing compared to the problems people are dealing with who've lost their homes or are still left without power, gas, etc. We sure hope you were not hit too hard and everyone will recover soon from this tremendous disaster.

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