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Could you please send me the complete script for...?
We have the complete digital scripts of Dead Poets Society, Being Human, AI: Artificial Intelligence and Good Will Hunting. If all you need is a transcript, we have the following titles available: Mrs. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man, Fathers' Day, What Dreams May Come and Jakob the Liar.

Could you forward the following message to Robin's family?
No, we can't. We're sorry. If you'd like to write to Robin's family, please use the fanmail address. Please know that emails sent to the fansite won't be read or forwarded to Robin's family. You have to use the Tiburon address to reach them.

Do you have a particular quote that I want?
We probably do. Just describe the movie and scene and we'll find the quote.

Do you have a pic from a particular scene of a movie?
See above.

What is the instrumental song at the beginning of the Live on Broadway show?
It's the intro to the song "Two Step," performed by the Dave Matthews Band. It's from their album Crash, released in 1996. This intro was used for every show in the 2002 tour and the Las Vegas shows until May 2008.

What is the classical piece featured at the beginning of the Live at the Met show?
It's the overture from Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro".

Where can I find videos, DVDs, CDs and other merchandise?
Of the items in print, most are available on Sometimes you can also find out-of-print movies and albums on eBay.

I recently saw Robin on Inside the Actor's Studio, but I forgot to record it...
The show, and in particular Robin's episode, was released on DVD on September 16, 2008.

What was that website he talked about on that show?
The website he talked about is called The show stopped after 3 years in January 2003.
Update: We're re-releasing the interviews on our Audible Interviews page. 1 Interview is being released every 2 weeks, like it was originally done.

Why is Robin credited in some projects as Ray D. Tutto, Marty Fromage or Sudy Nim?
These are all in-jokes related to Robin's cameo appearances. In The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Robin's King of the Moon character proclaims himself "rei di tutto" ("king of everything" in Italian). Robin and friend Bobcat Goldthwait used to perform tag-team standup comedy under the names Marty Fromage and Jack Cheese, so Robin used the Fromage name for his cameo in Goldthwait's Shakes the Clown. And Robin's cameo voice in the animated special A Wish for Wings that Work called for a pseudonym, which inspired the name Sudy Nim.

Personal Information

Did Robin have brothers or sisters?
Yes, he has two half-brothers: Todd (13 years older, with the same father; passed away August 2007) and Lauren (4 years older, with the same mother). Todd had a cameo role as the bartender in Mrs. Doubtfire; he was credited as "Dr. Toad."

How about his parents?
His father, Robert, passed away in 1988. His mother, Laurie, passed away a couple of days before September 11, 2001.

Did Robin have kids?
He has three kids: Zachery Pym (born April 11, 1983), Zelda Rae (born July 31, 1989) and Cody Alan (born November 25, 1991).

When and where was Robin born?
Robin has personally verified that he was born in Chicago, IL on July 21, 1951 (not 1952!).

Wait, I heard he was born in Edinburgh in 1952! Where did that information come from?
Robin lied about this in an interview during the Mork era. Information from the interview continues to circulate, even though it is inaccurate.

Was Robin Jewish?
No, he wasn't, though he had a lot of Jewish friends growing up. As he puts it himself in Live on Broadway, Robin is Episcopalian (which is kinda like Catholic Lite).

In what city did Robin live?
He lived in the Bay Area of California for most part of his life.

What charity organizations did Robin support?
Robin supports numerous organizations, including (but probably not limited to): Comic Relief , Médecins Sans Frontières, Operation Smile, the Pediatric AIDS Association, Challenged Athletes Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Make-a-Wish Foundation (some kids were in Patch Adams), Project Open Hand, Glide, The Gorilla Foundation, Seacology, River of Words, God's Love We Deliver, Women at Ground Zero, Bread and Roses, Meridian Gallery, Mercury House, Kidsclub, Season of Sharing, SMMOA, Ant Farm, Fresno Free Library, Muir Fest, USO, Best Friends, the University of California at San Francisco, and San Francisco General Hospital Pediatrics.

Peace Plan & Other Info

I received a Peace Plan in my mail box...was this really written by Robin?
The plan was NOT written by Robin! We don't know who is responsible for the piece, but it definitely wasn't actor/comedian Robin Williams. This item's debut appears to have been a 20 March 2003 posting to the USENET newsgroup, and from there it was rapidly disseminated via e-mail and blogs, credited to either "author unknown" or no one at all. The Robin Williams attribution wasn't tacked on until several weeks later, apparently because along the way the eleventh entry was dropped and a genuine Robin Williams quote appended in its place: "The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying 'Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses.' She's got a baseball bat and she's yelling, 'You want a piece of me?'" --Robin Williams.
The 'Robin Williams' attribution for the final item was interpreted as applying to the list as a whole, so now the entire piece circulates as 'the Robin Williams plan.'
For more information, please read this article at

Could you please send me the Peace Plan everyone is talking about?
Since the plan wasn't written by Robin, I won't continue to spread it. Sorry.

Is it possible to advertise on this website?
We prefer to keep the site as clean as possible, but if you have a good offer, please contact me and we'll talk about it.

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