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General Information

Poster for Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
  • Directed by

    Bill Kroyer

  • Screenplay by

    Jim Cox

  • Music Composed by

    Alan Silvestri

  • Theatrical Release Date

    April 10, 1992

  • DVD Release Date

    February 19, 2002

  • Production Companies

    FAI Films, Youngheart Productions

  • Distribution Company

    20th Century Fox

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams

    Batty Koda

  • Samantha Mathis


  • Tim Curry


  • Christian Slater


  • Jonathan Ward



Ferngully is a spectacular rainforest where a bat named Batty, whose radar has gone haywire, joins together with Crysta, Pips and the Beetle Boys to save their world from the evil Hexxus. Ignoring the warnings of her friends, Crysta, the curious tree fairy, explores the world beyond Ferngully. She discovers Zak, a human who is helping to demolish the rainforest. Once Zak sees the beauty and magic of Ferngully, he vows to save it. But it may be too late. The diabolical Hexxus is on the loose and is intent on destroying all of Ferngully.



  • Crysta's father

    Crysta, don't you think you're a little old to believe in human tales?

  • Batty

    Human tails? Humans don't have tails. They have big, big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts and walk around saying "Hi, Helen."

  • Batty

    Are you sure?

  • Zak

    I'm positive.

  • Batty

    Only fools are positive.

  • Zak

    Are you sure?

  • Batty

    I'm positive. Oh! I fell for it!

  • Batty [Batty Rap lyrics]
    Yo - The name is Batty
    The logic is erratic
    Potato in a jacket
    Toys in the attic
    I rock and I ramble
    My brain is scrambled
    Rap like an animal
    But I'm a mammal

    I been brain-fried - electrified
    Infected and injectified...
    Vivisectified... and fed pesticide!
    My face is all cut-up
    'cos my radar's all shot-up
    Nuurse! I need a checkup from the neck-up
    I'm batty...

    They used and abused me
    Battered and bruised me
    Red wires - green wires
    Stuck 'em right through me
    So hear my batty word
    Exercise a little prudence
    When dealing with humans

    'Cause I'm a real fruit bat
    And I'm ready to rap - I'm ready to snap
    I suffer from sciatica and chapped lips
    And jock itch - like a rocket in my pocket
    And I need to scratch - but now I can't stop it
    I'm batty - I'm batty - It's my batty rap
    It's my batty rap
    It's my batty rap


"Do you believe in humans?"

They live in a secret world touched by magic and surrounded by nature, and the only human who has ever been there, must now fight to save it.


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Filming Info

  • Dates

    August 13, 1990 - October 1991

International Release Dates

  • Spain

    August 14, 1992

  • Australia

    August 27, 1992

  • Netherlands

    February 18, 1993

  • Sweden

    April 3, 1993

  • Finland

    October 8, 1993

  • Japan

    August 13, 1994

International Titles

  • Canada

    FernGully - Les aventures de Zak et Crysta (French title)

  • Finland

    FernGully - viimeinen sademetsä

  • Hungary

    FernGully: Az utolsó esöerdö

  • Spain

    FernGully: las aventuras de Zak y Crysta

  • Germany

    Ferngully - Christa und Zaks Abenteuer im Regenwald

  • Sweden

    Ferngully - den sista regnskogen

  • Italy

    Ferngully le avventure di Zak e Crysta
    La foresta incantata

  • Netherlands

    Ferngully, het laatste regenwoud

  • France

    Les aventures de Zak et Crysta dans la forêt de FernGully

  • Greece

    Oi iroes tou teleftaiou dasous

Soundtrack Info

  • Life Is A Magic Thing

    Written by Thomas Dolby
    Performed by Johnny Clegg

  • A Dream Worth Keeping

    Written by Jimmy Webb and Alan Silvestri
    Orchestra arranged by Jimmy Webb
    Performed by Sheena Easton

  • Batty Rap

    Written by Thomas Dolby
    Additional lyrics by Stuart Young and Nik Young
    Performed by Robin Williams

  • Lithuanian Lullaby

    Performed by Veronika Povilioniene

  • If I'm Goanna Eat Somebody (It Might As Well Be You)

    Written by Jimmy Buffett and Michael Utley
    Performed by Tone-Loc

  • Spis, Li Milke Le

    Written by Georgi Minchev
    Performed by Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares

  • Toxic Love

    Written by Thomas Dolby
    Performed by Tim Curry

  • Bamnqobile

    Written by Joseph Shabalala
    Performed by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

  • Raining Like Magic

    Written and performed by Raffi

  • Tri Jetrve

    Performed by Zbor i orkestar KUD "Jeza Vlahcvic", Zagreb

  • Land Of A Thousand Dances

    Written by Chris Kenner
    Performed by Guy

  • Some Other World

    Written by Bruce Roberts and Elton John
    Performed by Elton John

Box Office

  • Gross

    $24,650,296 (USA)
    $8,060,598 (international)
    $32,710,894 (total)

  • Opening Weekend

    $3,549,338 (1,400 theaters)

  • Widest Release

    1,663 theaters

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