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General Information

Poster for Club Paradise
  • Directed by

    Harold Ramis

  • Screenplay by

    Brian Doyle-Murray and Harold Ramis

  • Music Composed by

    David Mansfield and Van Dyke Parks

  • Theatrical Release Date

    July 11, 1986

  • DVD Release Date

    February 14, 2006

  • Production Company

    Warner Bros. Pictures

  • Distribution Company

    Warner Bros. Pictures

Main Cast

  • Robin Williams

    Jack Moniker

  • Peter O'Toole

    Governor Anthony Cloyden Hayes

  • Rick Moranis

    Barry Nye

  • Jimmy Cliff

    Ernest Reed


Injured while risking his life to save an angry German shepherd, Chicago firefighter Jack Moniker retires and moves to a small Caribbean island named St. Nicholas. There, he is befriended by the owner of a run-down resort, Ernest Reed. Greedy developers are scheming to wrest Reed's coveted beachfront property from him for non-payment of taxes. Jack comes to Ernest's rescue, and together they renovate and reopen the resort catering to affluent Americans. The film follows the zany exploits of the proprietors, guests and various colorful island denizens, as they break in the new "Club Paradise."



  • Jack

    I heard about this guy in Cicero, well he stiffed a loan shark, so a couple of these guys got him, cut off his arm, beat him to death with the arm, and shoved it in a food processor and made a dip out of it. Then they served it to his family at his sister's wedding. And the sister loved it so much, she wanted the recipe. It's a crazy world, isn't it?

  • Jack

    Tree, what's happenin'?

  • Jack

    Oooooh, no thanks. Last time I smoked that stuff they found me on top of the Sears Tower trying to build a nest.

  • Jack

    Now you stay here and honk if there's any troub... Wait a minute! This thing's helium. Goddamnit, I brought the wrong tank!

  • Jack

    I once met a proud, black man such as yourself, and I gave him a small piece of advice: wear one glove, just one glove. Do you know who that was?

  • Ernest


  • Jack

    Willie Mays.



The vacation you'll never forget--no matter how hard you try.


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Filming Info

  • Locations

    Chicago, IL
    Los Angeles, CA
    Port Antonio, Jamaica

International Release Dates

  • Sweden

    November 21, 1986

  • Finland

    December 19, 1986

  • Australia

    January 22, 1987

  • West Germany

    February 5, 1987

International Titles

  • France / Canada (French title)

    Club Paradis

  • Brazil / Portugal

    Clube Paraíso

  • Sweden


  • Spain

    Club Paraíso

  • Poland

    Klub raj

  • Finland



  • Club Paradise
    American Plan
    Brightest Star
    The Lion Awakes
    Third World People
    You Can't Keep a Good Man Down

    Written and Performed by Jimmy Cliff

  • Seven-Day Weekend

    Performed by Jimmy Cliff and Elvis Costello and The Attractions

  • Ape Man

    Performed by The Kinks

  • Grenada

    Performed by Mighty Sparrow

  • Guava Jelly

    Performed by Owen Grey

  • Three Little Birds

    Written by Bob Marley

  • Margarita
    Phillip, My Dear

    Performed by Mighty Sparrow

  • Love People

    Performed by Blue Riddim Band

  • Island In The Sun

    Performed by Jimmy Cliff

  • Sweetie Come From America

    Written and Performed by Well Pleased And Satisfied

  • Pipeline

    Performed by The Chantays

  • Soldier Take Over

    Performed by Yellowman

  • Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

    Written by Paul Francis Webster and Sammy Fain

  • Gong Rock

    Written and Performed by Stewart Copeland

Box Office

  • Gross

    $12,308,521 (USA)
    N/A (international)
    $12,308,521 (total)

  • Opening Weekend

    $4,152,296 (1,172 theaters)

  • Widest Release

    1,186 theaters


  • Razzie Awards

    Nom - 1987 - Worst Supporting Actor (Peter O'Toole)

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